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Pc-link WARP

PC-LINK WARP represents the software solution developed by BTSR for an advanced quality control of the production, specifically aimed at the analysis and monitoring of yarn breakage/running condition in weaving preparation processes (creels, small and large warping machines,..), tufting, embroidering machines.

Through a common Personal Computer and SM-DIN/WARP interface modules, the PC-LINK WARP software makes easier and optimizes the programming and monitoring of IS3F/485 yarn break control sensors or TS/7 yarn tension measurement sensors installed on one or multiple textile machines.

From Single Position, to Single Process, up to the Global Quality Control of Your Production.


  • Using a Personal Computer you may program in quick and intuitive way, all the operation parameters of IS3F/485 (or TS7) quality control sensors.
  • One comprehensive synoptic screen showing, with the aid of a self-explanatory color code, the operating status of all connected systems and sensors (either IS3 or TS7) and/or configured external devices (e.g. lamps).
  • Possibility of displaying the current condition (Status) of each connected sensor, with report print option.
  • Production data storage and efficiency analysis
  • Possibility of upgrading the software on SM-DIN/WARP interface modules without having to physically replace the microprocessor.

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Main Manufacturing Sectors

Textile Weaving Preparation


Making-up Industry

Main Application Processes

Warping Processes
Quilting Machines
Embroidery Machines
Special application on-demand




ULTRAFEEDER 2 - The latest technologies and innovative materials in a All-in-one Solution. Utmost accuracy in Hosiery, Seamless, Knitting applications.



UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2015
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ISO 14001:2015
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ISO 9001 int
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ISO 14001 int
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