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The MATRIX TWIST & IS3F/TTS system, consisting of a MATRIX TWIST control terminal and IS3F/TTS series sensors, represents the BTSR solution for an accurate control and count of the yarn twists (balloons) in yarn preparation processes such as spiral covering and twisting machines i.e. tyrecord, carpet, cucirini etc... which, during the product processing, require an accurate yarn quality control.

The MATRIX TWIST solution has been designed for control and location of faults with immediate stop of the involved machine position during the doubling of two yarns, either through the twist control or through the balloon control.


In MATRIX TWIST configuration, the IS3F-TTS sensors detect, thanks to a sophisticated patented control technique, the image variation of a running yarn, thus controlling the quality of the yarn itself.

The sensor counts the number of twists per second and, through the yarn collection speed control, it allows calculating the number of Twists per Meter (TPM) or Twists per Inch (TPI), stopping the machine position when the previously set tolerance values are exceeded during the machine operation.
In addition, it accurately detects the lack of one or multiple filaments, the presence of broken fibers, or other processing anomalies.

The MATRIX TWIST programming and control terminal can manage up to 200 sensors. The sensor wiring is obtained by means of multi-connector cables, which significantly reduce the installation costs and wiring complexity.

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"Touch light" function allows a precise and fast using of button sensor during different procedure. Brilliant led lights (red and green) to indicate working and stop alarm condition of each sensor.

Closing cable part with security clip for correct insertion and best sensor proof.

Little tiny dimension for an easy installation in different application and sensor reading image area of mm. 12x4

IS3F/TTS in TT mode allows to count numbers of twisting per meter (TPM) or per inch (TPI); in TB mode allows to count numbers of balloons per meter (TPM) or per inch (TPI).

External MATRIX TWIST or integrated controllers allows to utilise the sensors any kind of yarn and suitable for many different needing.


Main Manufacturing Sectors


Textile Yarn Preparation

Principali Processi Applicativi

Tyrecord Processes
Carpet Processes
Special application on-demand




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UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2015
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