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Vision, Mission, Values

Innovation, Partnership, Excellence


Our Mission
To design and develop advanced technological solutions for yarn control in automated industrial processes, providing a decisive contribution to the efficiency increase of manufacturing processes and product quality.

To confirm our leading position through the development of innovative solutions capable of anticipating the market needs and quickly reacting to changes in progress.


Our Vision, our Values
Constant Innovation

  • To develop new ideas and transform our know-how into Customer-Oriented Innovation. Innovation Customer-Oriented.
  • Over two-hundred patents registered worldwide.
  • Excellence through innovation, Exploring the Future.

Partnership Vision

  • Awareness of the value generated by a deep partnership attitude.
  • Focus on Customer and development of long-term relationships.
  • Shared ‘goal’ to be pursued jointly.

Development of Tailor-made Projects

  • Strong OEM co-operations.
  • Implementation of “tailor-made” Solutions.
  • Internal R&D teams devoted to the development of individual Projects.
  • Fully shared Commitment.

Global Quality Control

  • From each individual position, to each individual process, up to the Total Quality Control of Manufacturing Processes in real-time.
  • Reduction of response times, increment of production efficiency, improvement of Quality monitoring.
  • Production under full control.





ULTRAFEEDER 2 - The latest technologies and innovative materials in a All-in-one Solution. Utmost accuracy in Hosiery, Seamless, Knitting applications.



UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2015
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ISO 14001:2015
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