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Pc-link TWIST

PC-LINK TWIST represents the software solution developed by BTSR for an advanced quality control of the production, specifically aimed at the analysis of data concerning the count and control of yarn twists (balloons) in yarn preparation processes, such as spiral covering machines and twisting machines for tyrecord and carpet.

Through a common Personal Computer and SM-DIN/TWIST interface modules, the PC-LINK TWIST software makes easier and optimizes the programming and monitoring of IS3F/TTS quality control sensors installed on one or multiple textile machines.

From Single Position, to Single Process, up to the Global Quality Control of Your Production.


  • Using a Personal Computer you may program in quick and intuitive way, all the operation parameters of IS3F/TTS quality control sensors.
  • One comprehensive synoptic screen showing the operating status of all connected sensors, with the aid of a self-explanatory color code.
  • Possibility of <b detailed reports about the actual number of twists, current sensor condition (Status) and individual counter values (Counters/Doffings).
  • Production data storage and efficiency analysis
  • Possibility of upgrading the software on SM-DIN/TWIST interface modules without having to physically replace the microprocessor.

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ISO 9001:2015
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