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IS3 F sensor series

The IS3F series devices, synthesis and result of the continuous BTSR research activities, are electronic sensors specifically designed to detect and control, thanks to a sophisticated patented control technique (bi-dimensional analysis with optical lens/ceramic), the image variation of a running yarn put under control, indicating with absolute certainty the relevant running or stationary condition of the yarn itself.



"Image Variation" technology (BTSR patent)

The "Image Variation" patented technique allows monitoring the running/stop condition of the yarn, through the profile analysis and detection of its image variation within a wide reading area. The bi-dimensional image variation technique makes the IS3F.. device free from environmental conditions such as: machine vibrations, dust/dirtiness accumulation, water/oil contamination (IP67 certification), thus guaranteeing the correct device operation even in the most critical applications.

Thanks to patented control technologies and to the use of last generation materials, the BTSR sensors (IS3 Image Smart Scanning Sensors) represent an exclusive solution on the market, featuring a dual mode operation: with or without yarn contact ('self-cleaning' and 'touch-less').

The IS3F.. devices are fully programmable and easily adaptable to the control of any type of yarn.

Models and applications
The IS3F.. sensors are available in various typologies to meet the specific requirements of many applications:
  • IS3F/TSL: suitable to the use on yarn preparation machines such as: winding, doubling, texturing, interlacing machines, etc. (IP67 certification)
  • IS3F/MTC: suitable to the metric control of the collected yarn amount, with possibility to stop the position when reaching the desired value (target)
  • IS3F/485: suitable to the use on large diameter circular knitting machines, warpers, spinning machines, etc.

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"Touch light" function allows a precise and fast using of button sensor during different procedure. Bright(red and green) LEDs are used for controlling condition and alarm signalling.

Thanks to the bidimensional analysis through optical lens/ceramic unit, you may perform the yarn control either with yarn-lens contact (self-cleaning) or positioning the yarn within the wide reading area (8 mm) without any yarn-lens conctact (touch-less).

IS3F/MTC sensor allows dual mode operation: meter counter function (Target) and yarn breakage function.

Multiple IS3F/HS and IS3F/485 sensors can be quickly and realiably connected thanks to the SENSOR IN - SENSOR OUT double connector.

Support clip for a quick sensor fastening to the textile machine, with three possible inclinations to make the sensor/yarn path alignment easier.


Main Manufacturing Sectors


Textile Yarn Preparation
Textile Weaving Preparation

Main Application Processes

Large Diameter Circular Machines
Yarn Preparation Processes (winding, doubling, copsing, twisting, texturing, interlacing)
Textile Preparation Processes
Quilting Machines
Embroidery Machines
Special application on-demand




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UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2015
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