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The MATRIX CLEARER & ISSC system, consisting of a MATRIX CLEARER terminal and ISSC series sensors represents the BTSR solution for an accurate yarn quality control and fault analysis in yarn preparation processes such as winding, doubling, twisting and interlacing machines.

The ISSC device is an electronic sensor capable of detecting, thanks to a sophisticated control technique, the image variation of a yarn put under control, identifying the occurred faults as well as the quality level of the yarn itself.


The main quality control functions are the identifications of: - knots (nep) - knots per meter (nep/m) - swelling and tangles (slub) - filaments in excess (yarn+) - lack of filaments (yarn-) - yarn missing (no yarn). ISSC is a parametric device: you may freely set the percentages of count error and fault length related to each of the above mentioned anomalies, easily adapting the quality control to your actual needs.

The advanced Image Variation Technology (BTSR patent) makes the ISSC device free from environment/yarn conditions, such as humidity, yarn conductivity and machine vibrations. In addition, the ISSC sensor does not require a physical contact with the yarn being controlled, thus allowing a perfect monitoring, without affecting the tension characteristics of the yarn itself.

The ISSC sensors are fully programmable for an easy adaptation to the quality control of any type of yarn/application and they are extremely easy to use, as they are ready to accommodate a wide choice of accessory devices which make them suitable to the quality control of any yarn.

The MATRIX CLEARER solution does not require complex wiring and long installation times and it allows controlling up to 200 positions thanks to the use of multi-connector cable.

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"Touch light" function allows a precise and fast using of botton sensor during different procedure: normalization, numeration, off-set etc...

Brillant led lights (red and green) to indicate working and stop alarm condition of each sensor.

Easy system to change different yarn guide, allows to use the sensor in different textile application.

Little tiny dimension for an easy installation in different application and sensor reading image area of mm. 5x8.

External MATRIX CLEARER or integrated controllers allows to utilize the sensors any kind of yarn and suitable for many different needing.


Main Manufacturing Sectors


Textile Yarn Preparation

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Special application on-demand




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