SMART MATRIX WARP & IS3F/485-TS7 represents the BTSR solution designed for an advanced production control on yarn weaving preparation processes (creels, warping,..) that use in continuous mode a large number of yarns (up to 2400) during the entire working cycle with diversified applications in a wide range of applicative sectors (tyrecord, denim, carpet,..).

This system is composed of SMART MATRIX WARP Programming / Control Terminal which can be combined with either IS3F/485 yarn break sensors or TS7 tension sensorfor an accurate measurement of the tension of yarns under control.



SMART MATRIX WARP Terminal, thanks to dedicated SM-DIN Interface Modules, simplifies and optimizes the sensors' programming, the system configuration and the production monitoring, by controlling up to 2400 yarns. The system is capable of self-learning the yarn sequence used by the textile machine during a sample cycle (LEARN) and to indicate any type of error detected during the subsequent production cycles (broken or missing yarns, uncut yarns, threading or pick-up errors, excessive or insufficient yarn tension, etc.). The availability of a "User Friendly" graphic interface allows you to quickly and intuitively program all the operating parameters of IS3/TS7 sensors; in addition, it provides a real time monitoring of sensors behaviour and production efficiency.

IS3F / 485 Sensors

The electronic sensors IS3F/485 are able to measure and control the image variation of a running yarn put under inspection, indicating with absolute accuracy the relevant running or stop condition of the yarn itself.
This device is free from environmental conditions, fully programmable and easily adaptable to the control of any type of yarn without count/typology restrictions.
Thanks to the special SENSOR IN-OUT double connector, multiple IS3F /485 sensors can be easily installed without no need of complex wire assembly.

TS7 Tension Sensors

As alternative, SMART MATRIX WARP can be connected to TS7 control devices, intelligent sensors able to real-time measure the yarn running tension inside the eyelet. In case of defect, they either immediately stop the machine position or activate solenoid-valves, cutters, or other control devices, automatically signalling which is the first sensor (among those connected), that stopped the position.
The TS7 devices are fully programmable for an easy implementation of quality control of any kind of yarn/application and, thanks to an innovative patented technique (Tension Smart Scanning Sensor,) don't need complex wirings and long installation times.
As the TS7 are parametric devices, it is possible to set freely error percentages on tension and the duration of anomalies.

primo blocco

"Touch light" function allows a precise and fast using of button sensor during different procedure. Brillant led lights (red and green) to indicate working and stop alarm condition of each sensor.

Thanks to the bidimensional analysis through optical lens/ceramic unit, you may perform the yarn control either with yarn-lens contact (self-cleaning) or positioning the yarn within the wide reading area (8 mm) without any yarn-lens conctact (touch-less).

Multiple IS3F/HS and IS3F/485 sensors can be quickly and realiably connected thanks to the SENSOR IN - SENSOR OUT double connector.

Support clip for a quick sensor fastening to the textile machine, with three possible inclinations to make the sensor/yarn path alignment easier.

SMART MATRIX WARP an advanced programming, controlling and reporting terminal.


Main Manufacturing Sectors


Textile Weaving Preparation
Making-up Industry

Main Application Processes

Warping Processes
Quilting Machines
Embroidery Machines
Special application on-demand




ULTRAFEEDER 2 - The latest technologies and innovative materials in a All-in-one Solution. Utmost accuracy in Hosiery, Seamless, Knitting applications.



UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2015
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