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Unifeeder 2

UNIFEEDER 2  represents a breakthrough solution drastically overcoming the state-of-art of storage feeding technology, destined to supply an epochal change in textile market technological offer.

A new concept multi-patented system  able to guarantee a total combined yarn feeding and storage control, thus representing the first 'positive storage' feeder Concept introduced on the market.


  • Real-time Total Yarn Control - from input yarns (knots, breaks, tears), through yarn storage (constant storage), to output yarns (LFA and yarn constant tension feeding)
  • High Precision Real-time Yarn Consumption Measurement (LFA) - granted by BTSR proprietary optical ring
  • Prevent Yarn Twisting - thanks to new-concept revolving drum and optical ring technology closed-loop integrated system (yarn storage feed equal to yarn feeding speed)
  • Real-time Constant Tension Self-adaptive Technology -bringing TOP Production Repeatability, based on the high-frequency magnetically controlled floating ring and output tension sensor closed-loop control system
  • Yarns knots, breaks, tears detection - granting real-time machine stop signaling, thanks to input knot catcher and additional built-in sensors
  • Yarn Graduation Compression Capability (0,1 gr. resolution) - for technical textile applications (i.e. sock leg, seamless..)
  • Yarn and Needles Breakage Prevention - avoiding second-rate products and useless machine stops
  • AUTO-LFA Function - Auto-compensate Yarn LFA variation (i.e. due to fluff accumulation in the yarn finger,..), granting constant quality and preventing yarn misplating & breakage, (optional, with MATRIX FEEDER terminal)


  • Minimized size and weight - incredibly minimized size and weight, thus allowing the simplest and cost-saving installation configurations (i.e. single ring, ..).
  • No additional input yarn motion sensor required
  • Reduced electrical consumption
  • Plug & play - for easy and quick installation
  • User-friendly - easy yarn thread-up and easy yarn tension set-up
  • Universal Retrofitting - on all machine typologies available on the market
  • Styles Programming & Unlimited Graduation Compression for standardized production - coming with PC-LINK NEMO PROFILER software (optional)


  • Programmable tension: 0,2 gr. ÷ 50 gr.
  • Yarn Feeding speed: up to 1000 mt/min. (@ 24 V /36 V)
  • Yarn Storage Coils programming: up to n. 30
  • Weight: 780 gr.
  • Size: Height 210 mm (265 mm), Width 77 mm, Depth 125 mm


primo blocco

Yarn Anti-twist System

New-concept revolving drum system avoiding yarn twist-effect

LFA Measurement Optical Ring

Real-time and high precision yarn consumption measurement

Integrated Tension Sensor

In combination with anti-gravitational magnetic floating ring provides a real-time feeding tension control

Knot Catcher and Built-in Sensors

Yarn knots, breaks and tears detection combined with real-time machine stop signaling

Advanced Display

Wide graphic display allowing real time data monitoring (yarn LFA, yarn feeding tension, coils setting, quality histograms...).


Main Manufacturing Sectors

Main Application Processes

Circular Knitting Machines (socks/hosiery, medical fabrics)
Large Diameter Circular Machines
Seamless Circular Machines
Flat Knitting Machines
Special application on-demand




ULTRAFEEDER 2 - The latest technologies and innovative materials in a All-in-one Solution. Utmost accuracy in Hosiery, Seamless, Knitting applications.



UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2015
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ISO 14001:2015
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