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MULTIFEEDER represents the new generation BTSR solution able to satisfy the most demanding needs in multi-position textile processes, specifically large diameter circular knitting machines and weaving preparation processes.


A high quality / price ratio device, thus fully meeting this market sector demand for a limited investment tied to measurable benefits.


The BTSR ‘Full Digital’ technology is able to realize a double control on both yarn tension feeding and yarn feeding speed, thus ensuring top performances in terms of system acceleration / deceleration dynamics, very high yarn feeding resolution measurement (0,1 mm) and drastic reduction of energy consumption.


TOP Flexibility, thanks to MULTIFEEDER capability to work with all types of yarns: elastomers (thin bare, covered, interlaced (11,17 Dtex), rigid yarns (nylon, cotton, wool, polyester,...) and technical yarns (polyester, polypropylene,...).


The Universal System ‘UNICO & MULTIFEEDER’


UNICO (‘UNIversal tension COntrol’) represents the BTSR new-concept device, combinable with MULTIFEEDER, able to overcome the state-of-art technology and all limits of storage feeding and positive feeding devices, thus representing a revolutionary universal solution for hosiery and knitting sectors operators.


Thanks to its fully integrated electronic system, UNICO allows to dynamically compensate sudden and high yarn absorption variations, by instantaneously featuring both 'Positive Yarn Constant Tension' Control and 'Yarn Storage & Release' capabilities (BTSR® Patent).


Main Characteristics:


  • Programmable tension 0.2 gr ÷ 100 gr.
  • Feeding speed till 1500 mt/min (@24 V/36 V)
  • New 'APPLICATIONS' Function: directly visualize and select the application of interest (circular knitting, warping, ...), avoiding any manual parameter setting operation by the user


Through SMART MATRIX Feeder Terminal:

  • LFA Function: exact yarn consumption measuring (Length Yarn Absorption) with resolution of 0,1 mm.
  • LFA self-learning Function: (in combination with SMART MATRIX Terminal): yarn consumption self-learning, control and automatic compensation; automatic machine stop in case of LFA error than the programmed tolerance (BTSR® Patent).

  • TARGET Function: possibility to setup a production target in meters with the relative automatic machien stop.

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Easy & Quick Installation
MULTIFEEDER SYSTEM on a Circular Knitting Machine

Led Keys

Ergonomic keys for easy operations and synchronized alarm signaling (green leds OK, red leds ALARM)


Adjustable yarn coils separator which allows the utilization of every kind of yarn. Self-threading ceramic eyelets for an easy yarn insertion.

UNICO Device

Universal Yarn "Storage and Release" Device, combinable with MULTIFEEDER for specific knitting, working applications.


SMART MATRIX controller allows to memorize, load, visualize and control even in graphic way as yarn tension, speed and yarn consumption (LFA)


Main Manufacturing Sectors


Main Application Processes

Circular Knitting Machines (socks/hosiery, medical fabrics)
Large Diameter Circular Machines
Seamless Circular Machines
Flat Knitting Machines
Narrow Fabric Looms
Special application on-demand




ULTRAFEEDER 2 - The latest technologies and innovative materials in a All-in-one Solution. Utmost accuracy in Hosiery, Seamless, Knitting applications.



UNI EN ISO 9001 - UNI EN ISO 14001
ISO 9001:2015
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ISO 14001:2015
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